Where to Sell Your Clothes Online?

Cleaning out your closet of old clothes is a quick way to earn some extra money and leave you with heaps of space to fill with new clothes. Many of us buy things that we seldom use and are placed in our closets as some prized possession. Although compared to electronics, clothes have less re-sale value however the online clothing business opportunity is immense.

A few of platforms selling clothes online are listed below.


The website offers a unique feature termed “clothing calculator” that determines the worth the company is willing to pay for your gently worn garment. They have a limited set of brands that accept these old clothes so you can check beforehand. With Thredup, you’ll simply send them the clothes via UPS or FEDEx. The company will take 20% cut of the clothing’s value and will do the selling on your behalf. You’ll get the payment in form of Paypal payments or shopping credits. In case your item is received but isn’t accepted, you can give it to charity or get it back after paying the shipping costs.


The website offers built in features which you use to take pictures of your particular clothing item. They will automatically list the clothing item onto their website under various themes including boots, Wang, blouses etc. Once your clothes sell, they’ll provide with the shipping labels and cover costs under a minimum amount. For Poshmark, the commission ratio is 20:80 for sales greater than $15. For sales up to $15, Poshmark will take approximately $3 in terms of commission.


If you want to take up most of the commission of your sale, Tradesy is the right choice for you. The company only takes 9% commission on every sale if you choose to keep the money on Tradesy. An additional 2.9% is charged in case you want a PayPal transfer, still keeping the overall commission relatively low. With Tradesy, you’ll simply click a picture of your clothing and post it. Tradesy will propose different price points for your clothing or let you handle that. Within 24 hours, the background of your picture will be removed focusing solely on the clothing making it look grander.

There are numerous clothing design websites where you can sell your clothing items. However, we’ll encourage you to read their policies and conditions thoroughly and choose the one that suits best to your particular needs.